good bye niesenberger – hello domimberg2nd // noise collage presents SYNTHAKT

after losing our beloved niesenberger as location due to questionable cultural politics of our city and our state (province) we are about to move on! we are proud to present our next event: NOISE COLLAGE presents SYNTHAKT in a location we already share some glorious past moments with – domimberg2nd.

noise collage
dom im berg 2nd floor

dnb, heartcore madness presented by noise collage


(evilbeatsrecordings, culture assault) AUT

the nagual (noise collage)
jack stresig (noise collage)
polytoxic (noise collage)
dust (noise collage, perpetuum mobile)
de:mention (noise collage, perpetuum mobile)
shine (noise collage)
jacques prell (noise collage)


hand mit auge (META)